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Using MODBUS TCP with PROFINET device

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Hi All,

I have a closed loop stepper motor (Nanotec make),

This uses MODBUS TCP for interfacing to host devices. I would like to connect this to Siemens S7-1200 PLC via MODBUS TCP. According to the manufacturer, the S7-1200 PLC can use MODBUS TCP to connect to the motor.

The Siemens S7-1200 PLC in question supports PROFINET, but I am not sure about MODBUS TCP. 

My question(s) is 

1. Do all S7-1200 PLCs with PROFINET support MODBUS TCP ?
2. Are there any limitations with this type of connection as opposed to PROFINET connection??
3. Is there any tradeoff when using MODBUS TCP?? 

I could buy a PROFINET interfaced motor, however they seem to be few in number, compared to MODBUS TCP or EtherNet IP. It will be a waste for me if the motor is unusable on a PROFINET device, as most of my customers use EtherNet IP.


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