GT2103 Buttons to increase/decrease a value

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I am trying to set up two simple buttons, one to increment a value, the other to decrement.

So far I have two buttons each linked to PLC input devices, and a display of a data register. Using INC and DEC functions in the PLC ladder works a treat, press the 'up' button and the value increases, press the 'down' button and the value decreases.

What I now need to do is limit the range; I want a minimum of 30 and a maximum of 120. Is there anything in GT2103 to disable the button if the data has reached it's limit?

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Hi PeteW1959,

inside the the button properties you can use a Range-Trigger to monitor your word device.
This will enable or disable the button, and the button can't be pushed if the trigger condition is not set.
To gray out the button visually you have to set the checkbox for 'show button in non operating state' in the extended
property tab. Then you can change the appearance of the button for the 'non operating state', just assign an grayed
button image inside the style tab.

beside this you also can use the switch (button) to increment/decrement the word device without using the plc-ladder,
use the 'Word'-Action inside the button properties. In this case you also can limit the range inside the action property window.


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