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Hello. I'm using the CQM1H-CPU21 and I've uploaded program by the 2 ways both CX-P and SYSWIN.

But there is errors which is using the only KEEP(11) function related 22.XX 23.XX latching relay.

my cx-p and syswin version is up to date and there was no problems till now.

and after all, I cannot be transferred to dialog.
PS. The error of the SYSWIN program and the CX-P is different area.(same program file)


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Is the CQM1H in error?

I've seen where an upload will not compile from an old PLC. Most likely it was programmed with an older software package. Maybe LSS or CPT. Are you able to post your CX Programmer project here? If not, are you able to host it on a site like DropBox? This website has been troublesome for posting items in the forums lately.

Alternatively, open the project in CX Programmer, select the rung with the error, right click "Show Rung As" > "Statement List. Then you can copy the text and paste it here in the forums.

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