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A new development is proposed - a Server-client for remote control of controllers
OMRON (CS1,CJ1,CJ2,. CPL,. NJ...) - Sasha_Server_Dz.exe and Sasha_Client_Dz.exe.

The app is designed for the following technologies:
- IoT;
- Remote control;
- Remote diagnostics.
- Start-up and adjustment works on the object, when the Adjuster
  must be away from the control cabinets of the object;
- Issuing technological tasks to different objects (PLC) from the same technological center;
- Generating relevant information about the object for
  service personnel and company management.

The server is implemented on a Central computer that can communicate with
client-computers either via a local network or via WI-FI.

Client-computers exchange information with the PLC via the following interfaces:

- USB;
- Ethernet/IP;
- Ethernet;
- RS232/485;

Client-computers also provide information exchange with Android smartphones
via the Internet(MQTT) from any point where an Internet connection is made,
while client-computers can work both independently (without connecting to the Central
server) and together with the Central server.
You can connect up to 128 clients to a single server.

For a description of an Android program for exchanging information between a client and an Android smartphone,

The development of this software is based on the use of program functions and packages
CXServer (OMRON).

in the basic version of this program, the Central server, client-computers and Android smartphones can
read and write words and bits of the entire PLC memory. In the extended version of the program, you can 
implement the following modes::

- Quick adjustment of the value of the variable – word memory
  controller, in real time;

- Quick adjustment of the variable value-memory bit
  controller, in real time;

- Installing and working with controller bit objects
  (installation is performed once when you first log in to
  The program and further may not change);

- Work with word bits - read / write graphic
  displaying word bits-similar to the SwitchBox program
  (OMRON), in real time;

- Display of variables accepted in the loop in a separate
  Memo in real time, with the ability to record
  content of Memo in the file and fetching the contents of a file in

- Display of 6 variables on the indicator Board with
  the ability to generate color signals if the values 
  variables go beyond the required limits in real time
  time scale;

- Generating waveforms of 6 variables in real time
  time scale. Period time =0.5...1 sec;

- Formation of static graphs of 6 variables in
  real-time . Period time =0.5...1 sec.
  Recording time-up to 4 hours.

Obviously, the specified program can be expanded and changed to meet the
specific requirements of a particular Customer.

If you are interested in using or upgrading the program,
you can contact its author, Alexander Ryss, Dr.-eng., by E-mail :

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