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I have a base machine with 3 ECat nodes. 1S Servo and 2 MX VFD,s Nodes 1,2,3. These are set to ENABLED in the Enable/Disabled value.

There is an Add On Option for this machine that adds a 1S Servo and an MX VFD. Nodes 4,5. These are set to DISABLED in the Enable/Disabled value.

I am trying to create a SINGLE program that allows the add-on option hardware nodes 4,5 to be selected/de-selected.

There is a POU for the Base_Machine with logic for controlling nodes 1,2,3 and A POU for the Add_On_Option with logic for nodes 3,4.

In the MAIN POU I would like to use the EC_ChangeEnableSetting command to add nodes 4 and 5 when required.

Can this be achieved.

If the add-on nodes 4 and 5 are not physically installed does the initial DISABLED setting allow normal operation of nodes 1,2,3 without errors?

Can or should I use the PrgStart/PrgStop command in my MAIN POU to Enable/Disable the Add_On_Option program listed in the Primary Task?but

In the Axis Settings configuration both servos are listed, MC_Base_Machine and MC_Add_On. If the MC_Add_On axis is set to DISABLED will this allow the system to run without error?

Anyone have any input or experience whether this approach is feasible and if yes am I on the right track?


Couldn't post a screenshot of program.....UGGHHH!


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Hi @BITS N BYTES This can be done, However you must disable the slave before it is removed. I don't think you. can disable a slave that has an error, either that or the error does not clear.


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Reporting back on excellent feedback from OMRON support.

First, setting the option ECAT nodes to Disable do not report an ECAT fault and the Enabled nodes work just fine (without errors).



In axis settings, configure the axes for the option nodes just as you would if they were installed (enabled).



You can use start program or simply just call a section of logic that enables the optional ECAT nodes (it’s up to you and your preference).

So I used the "EC_ChangeEnableSetting" function block set to TRUE or FALSE for each node to ENABLE or DISABLE the desired nodes, then use boolean state of "_EC_PDSlaveTbl[#]" to confirm state of each node.

Thanks OMRON. :-)




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