Rockwell Software Subscription or Purchase?

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I am wondering if anyone has an opinion with regards to whether we should go with the newer paid subscription licensing or stick with the older buy once and pay for a support contract to keep the product up-to-date. To be more specific we have 1-FTViewSE Server, 4-FTViewSE Client, 1-FTViewSE Studio, and 1-FTHistorian licenses that we will need to upgrade to the latest versions and expand the screen count.

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To my way of thinking, it really depends on the variety of equipment you have and how much time you spend tweaking and updating your processes. A customer I have in California (a very large utility company you may have heard of) recently told me their annual subscription costs about as much as a single, one-time purchase. However, they are constantly reviewing and testing ControlLogix code improvements, adding or changing FactoryTalk displays, adding and removing users, etc. For an organization that large and busy it makes good sense to have a subscription. But for a smaller company with reliably stable control systems that don't need a lot of attention, the subscription fees might not be worth it.

Not to mention, different licenses and subscriptions have different options and price tags. In this regard, it can be a lot like buying a new car. You can get a particular package, or customize it (to some degree) to your liking. So the actual prices can be all over the place. You should contact your local distributor, get some solid price quotes, then do a cost-benefit analysis. 

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