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Hi all

I was being really clever and suggested i add a list of preset settings to a line which every1 seemed thrilled with. however the amount of tedium has just dawned on me.

im hoping theres a better way to go about this.

the main idea is that we have a line controlled from a cj2m which has around 150 changeable settings including things like conveyor speeds, pump filling times.. waiting times etc..

i have done this in smaller scale before where we had changeable pumps, when pump 1 was connected i used the MOV function to load pump 1's data into the correct words.

and in NB designer i had layered multiple number input boxes each displaying only when its own pump was connected.

any ideas would be great

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i got some help from for this and this is the solution that looks the best.

on the NB designer number inputs there is a tickbox for use index, this index is directed at d2999, a value will be moved into this which will be 0,200,400..etc

the first number input is directed to d3001, so when the index value is changed from 0-200 the first number input will instead look at d3201.

a drop down menu will be used on the NB HMI to change the value of word d2998 0-9, this value will be used to change the index amount with a multiplier, 0x200=0, 1x200=200, 2x200=400...etc

then using XFER if d2998=0 XFER d3001-d3201 to the actual data location d100

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Thank you for following through and posting the answer. This benefits everyone.

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@Bobodopalus, I just saw this, but here is some sample code that pretty much does exactly what you want to do:

Note that you need to extract the zip file in order for the NB project to open.

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