CJ2M Analog 4-20mA Flowmeter, reading & PID

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Hey all,

Further to my other post I need to read an analog input flowmeter signal (4-20mA) and scale it to litres per minute flow-rate. Then display on HMI......

Then use a PID control block to control a output water control valve (4-20mA) to a calculated set point (litres per minute)

The flowmeter is measuring water flow in a pipe & The control valve is controlling the flow rate in the pipe.

The water is then sprayed onto a conveyor belt - measured at a percentage SP depending on the amount of powder product on the conveyor belt (in KG)

1. So inputs to PID is the SP (litres per sec) calculated every few seconds from product weights (kg) in bins.

2. And the PV is the flowmeter reading.

3. Output is the control valve (4-20mA) 

Does anyone have any tips to do this or some good flow PID and flowmeter example.

Your help would be much appreciated.
















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