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My emulator go to fault state as soon as it goes online and runs (Within a second) and the following error 

Code 01, (May have been caused by an infinite loop, a complex program, or a higher priority task.)

The same logic runs perfectly fine on a colleague's laptop 

I'm using 

  • RS Logix 5000 V30.00 
  • Emulator V30.00.01
  • Running on Virtual Machine, Windows 7

Host system specs are: 

  • 8 GB RAM 
  • Core i5 CPU @ 1.80GHz
    • Socket 1
    • Cores 2
    • Logical Processor 4
  • Windows 10

Virtual Machine's specs: 

  • 4 GB RAM 
  • Number of Processors: 2
  • Number of Cores per Processor: 2

Kindly suggest a suitable solution, what is the possible cause of this fault. 


Thank You


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When it faults, in the online toolbar, when you click "Go To Error", by chance does it give the place in code that caused the fault? Often times it narrows it down to the specific line of code. Here's some generic advice in the meanwhile:

  • Infinite loops are most often cause by FOR instructions, or Jump to Label instructions.
  • Complex program or higher priority task could be a task taking too long to run and causing the watchdog timer fault.

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