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GE QuickPanel+ Historical Trend

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I'm trying to get an historical trend working with ME 9.5 SIM20. Here's the step done:
1- The Logging Groups
- Logging type = View Logging
- Keep Records (days) = 7
- Log Data Every (min) = 5
- Use Default Path = True

2- The only group used = RootLoggingGroup with the default Logging strategy "On Change" cannot be changed.

3- I went into my 6 variables (PLC.Var_name) and in the logging tab I set:
- Enable logging = True
- Group = RootLoggingGroup
- Deadband = 0

4- I draw a historical trend object in an HMI Panel windows and added my pen.

When I try to start the "Replay mode" I got the error unable to connect to the historian server.

When I switch to ViewLogging mode I get data logging not enabled or no records or data corrupt.

I've read every single line of the InfoViewer for these errors and I can get it work.

Can someone help me ?


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