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Hi everybody,

need an advice please concerning the following

I have a machine to be retrofitted, which imposes re-writing the PLC and HMI software without any hardware changing. The point is that the customer wants the machine to keep productioning, so I have proposed the following approach: I take the new CPU Q03UDECPU, develop the new PLC soft, go on site, change the CPU to the new one (other IO modules are unchanged), spend few hours debugging, then change the CPU back to the old one so the machine can keep productioning while I go on with writing software.

So my question is: is there any special point, which doesn't allow me to go with this approach, e.g. any settings within the IO modules, which I can corrupt with my new software? The key question -can I be sure, that when I change the CPU to the new one, and then get back to the old one, the system runs for sure?

PLC IO layout is attached.

Any comments and considerations are appreciated. Thanx.


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Sounds good.

Maybe its a good idea to use take the new battery from the new Q03UDE and place is in the current CPU to make sure it retains the values when taking it out of the system.

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Posted (edited)

Dear Gambit,

thanks for your comment and for your idea.


Edited by _Pavel_

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