HMI/SCADA selection for HVAC energy management

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I am now part of a startup company based on energy optimisation of HVAC in buildings. I am assigned to have research on which SCADA system to select for HVAC energy optimisation. The model is in such a way that, we need to create a SCADA / HMI for the client's building on top of existing Building Management System (BMS) to achieve energy saving. 

I am still an intern and I am requested to research on various SCADA options available in the market. I have few doubts regarding:

1. How can I select one SCADA / HMI over the other? 

2.GE Cimplicity and Niagara 4 are two option which I am interested in. What is the major difference between both? (Price and functionality)

3. Is Tridium Niagara 4 a SCADA software? ( I read about it but I didn't understand as I am new to this field). Is it same like tia portal which is a software that is used to program plc and create user interface??

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This is just a copy of my reply to your PM:

Your application sounds more commercial than industrial and is not really part of my experience. I can offer some advice. Every SCADA package demos well.  It's not until you actually start working with it that the deficiencies come out.  Find users of your top picks and quiz them.  Also see if there is demo software available and try it out.

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I've used Envision for BACtalk by Allerton. It was decent. It's definitely designed for HVAC. 

I think for most organizations, SCADA decisions are based on costs and the hardware to be integrated.

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