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Hi All, I added a manuals screen to the project I am working on that has a list of the manuals for the system hardware so that the system has a complete electronic copy of all documentation

accessible without giving access outside the runtime.

I have no problem opening a file with the click of a button displaying the manual I wish to open, been using Firefox so far.

My issue is that I don’t want the user to be able to interact with the program I use to open the file, no menus, address bar, right click etc etc,  other than to scroll through it and close it.

Kiosk mode added to the command line works but the system is touch screen so I have no keyboard or way to close the PDF and return to the SCADA screen.

I also tried using the Web browser control but even though I have the default PDF viewer set to MS Edge it still opens with Adobe reader which has all the controls and comments dialog available and visible.

Ideally would be able to display the PDF with no controls and not full height of the screen so I could have a button visible labeled “close” which closes that screen.

At the moment I have each button trigger a batch file that has:

"C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" --kiosk "C:\PC_BULK_DEF\SYSTEM_MANUALS\some manual.pdf"

So I would have each individual manual button run a different .BAT file

And I have another batch file that kills the process with:

Taskkill /IM firefox.exe /FI "STATUS eq RUNNING" /F




But with kiosk mode being full screen I have to way of showing a button that can shutdown Firefox.

I also tried by creating a small HTML file with the pdf embedded. Similar issue though.

Just curious if anyone has ever tried to build a PDF viewer into a CX Supervisor project and if they would have any suggestions.




manuals screen.JPG

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Bit late too the party, but just to add...  The WebBrowser compenent can be easy way for PDF viewing for many, but like you say is just a web browser and no real control or security.  If you're down the KIOSK mode route then you want it more controllable.

In the past I know I used a free PDF Viewer ActiveX control and placed on the page.  Through properties you could set the file, launch at specific page and control the menu available - exacatly all the control you need.  I can't find any trace of the name now but this could be a good route to investigate the options available these days.


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