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Hi Everyone,

I've just installed InTouch V10 and am trying to develop communication with Emulate5000, for educational purposes.

I looked over the internet and found some videos on how to develop communications by setting up the topic name and node name in DA Server manager, but the issue I'm facing is that my SMC only shows logViewer and nothing else (snapshot attached).

Am I missing some vital component or dirver? Or is there some problem with my installation?

Help would be much appreciated.


P.S: Window Maker and Viewer are working fine.




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If my memory serves me right (can be questionable), I think the only way you can connect to any of the emulate programs is via RSLinx.  You would need to setup an OPC connection from RSLinx to Wonderware.  You will need the version of RSLinx that is capable of this - not the Lite version.

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