Sending string to PLC from NA5 using DataEdit

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Hello group.  There does not seem to be a lot of information or guides on how to do this but I am having errors pop up when I build my project due to wrong data type.

I am creating a log in screen for the NA5 and will send the information to an NJ PLC.

I have selected the keyboard entry to be querky which will allow the user to enter an alphanumeric entry.  I figured this would need to be a STRING and so I have set up as such.  I also linked it to the PLC tag that has the same attributes as I want all the security to be handled in the PLC.

Does anyone have experience with sending to/from an NA5 and NJ PLC a text entry using the DataEdit feature?




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Your need to assign a length to the string variable in the plc. eg STRING[10]

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