Fail upload program TIA V11 with TIA V16

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Hi guys..

Anybody can help me..

I have hardware defect s7-1200 PLC which program with TIA PORTAL V11 SP2.

When tried to upload the program with TIA PORTAL V16 then failure warning "incompatible" appeared.

it should be the higher version compatible with the lower one?

Thank you for any help.

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Hello Harianta,

I've ran into this before. For some reason the new versions of TIA do not support projects from versions older than 13. You have to install version 13 to open the version 11 file and convert it. Then version 16 should be able to open it. Or you could ask your Siemens rep to do the conversion as installing version 13 could be a hassle if you only need it once. A quick google search returned these results:

TIP: TIA V14: Opening V10.5, V11, V12, V13 projects.


or video: Siemens TIA Portal HMI/PLC tutorial - Upgrading project to TIA Portal V15


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