Logix 5000 to Digital Panel Meter using Modbus RTU

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I have an AB compact Logix controller that I need to communicate with a Laurel Digital Panel Meter (to measure resistance).  I am using software version 30.  The device communicates over ethernet using Modbus RTU.  I have no experience with Modbus.  I have been reading as much as possible to get up to speed.  I am looking for some help on how to get started.  I was thinking that I need to add/configure a generic communication module from the Logix software.  Not sure where to start.  I would appreciate any direction you could provide.

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Doubt you can configure a generic comms module, they are for EIP.  You are probably going to have to configure message instructions.  Use the Powerflex manuals for Modbus examples and match up with the Laurel's manuals. 

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