Multiple rs-232 barcode readers on PLC

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I need to connect multiple barcode readers (SICK CLP510) to a PLC (FX3GE-40M) for a university project. I need a minimum of 3 bar code readers, but only have one operational, connected via an additional modul for the use of rs-232. The only other port I can use is a miniDin 8, which is a build-in rs-422 port. Because this is a university project, it needs to be as cost efficient as posible. All the readers are CLP510 (pin-out attached bellow)




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RS232 is Point to point so to connect three that way you'll need to multiplex the signals with control signals from the PLC.  Very Messy IHMO.

RS422 is Multipoint but will require adapters at each SICK to convert 422/232.  Very Costly.

The least expensive method that comes to mind is a Raspberry PI or Arduino and use it as the multiplexer.  

Connect the SIcks to the PI and the PI to the PLC.

One thought maybe others will have better.

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