Security limitations in Cimplicty, curious about alternatives

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Hi all,

Currently working with GE Cimplicity and a bit struggling to achieve a specific security condition.
I was curious to know if anyone is aware of another HMI/SCADA that can do it.

I want my users to be able to:
(1). Modify points via HMI screens controls (CimView buttons, text boxes etc).
(2). Modify points directly via Points Control Panel (= Cimplicity interface for direct viewing/setting of data points. No CimView screen required).
(3). But... I want to restrict SOME points from (2) above and only allow in (1).

The reason for (3) is that some points must to be changed only via script (triggered by the CimView screen controls).

I will apperciate any idea on of how to achieve this in Cimplicity.
And would love to learn about other systems that allow such security design.


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