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Omron NA - data type cannot be used by both mapped and unmapped variable

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Hi all:


Hope somebody will help me with the below error encounter on the NA.

I mapped a external device (NJ PLC) variable (which is a structure) to a NA Global variable and the structure is automatically created in the NA data type as expected. I then create a new NA global variable and defined its data type as the auto created structure. However i observe the created new NA global variable is highlighted with an error "a data type cannot be used by both mapped and unmapped variable ....." ( pls refer to the attached screen). 

I have found and view on the Youtube this video :"Introduction To The NA DataTypes" (link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZxWnVn1CSY). that clearly show the "imported" structure can be used for unmapped NA global variable even there is some variable already mapped to external device variable (starting from the 3:50minutes mark of the video). In my NA program i would need to create such unmapped variable for my logic use.

Also i observe that i was unable to delete the auto created structure from the NA Data Types even after i deleted all variables that are defined with that specific structure. How can i delete such auto created structure in case i want to clear off some of those unused data types.

I am using Sysmac Studio version
The HMI Device created is the NA5-9W00 (version 1.11)







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updated with more informative screen capture

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