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Axis error Error: No device is assined to the required item

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I wanted to run an SMC linear actuator and found this error in axis settings: No device is assigned to the required item.

More strange is that I checked one of my old programs in which I ran a Fastech motor (with Ezi driver) by Omron Nj501 series. Everything is OK and the system works. But, If I change "output device 1" in "axis basic settings" to "<not Assigned>" then re-select again my Ezi driver it does not work and I get the same error message. I checked everything. There is no change in the axis settings. 



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Expand the options under Detailed settings and match up the settings the controller is expecting to see with the settings in the drive.  You need to do this when adding third party devices.  it is usually pretty easy to figure out which objects need to be matched together.

Here is an example with a Parker drive:

This is the state you are in (I showed the expanded detailed settings)


As you can see, the ones that are no good are highlighted with RED exclamation points.

This is the corrected setup:


As you can see, the choices are pretty obvious.  

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