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Kinetix 5700 - Adjust geared axis speed

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I'm fairly new to motion applications and I have an interesting (to me) problem to solve. I'm using Kinetix 5700 with MPL motors to drive a pick&place carousel and a conveyor belt. I have a virtual master that driver the carousel in 1:10 ratio. The virtual master also drives the conveyor belt, the ratio is given by the carousel diameter and the conveyor driving cylinder diameter +  2x the belt thickness. And I'm using MAJ to drive the master and the MAG instruction to drive the carousel and the conveyor. This all works well.

BUT: the carousel does not pick the product in the same place every time. That creates irregular gaps, or pitch, between the product on the conveyor which causes some issues down the line.

Is there a way how to superimpose a value to the conveyor axis to ensure the pitch is regular at all times. Something like the ADDAX instruction it Trio motion controller for example? I'd want to have a sensor that detects the edge of the product and compares he encoder value to an expected value and slows downs or speeds up the conveyor accordingly.

Thanks a milion.

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Hi Martin,

You are able to use both the MAM, MAJ, MATC, and MAPC instructions to superimpose an axis which is already geared to another axis.

If your application does not require to be able to run at different speeds, the MAM instruction set to a relative movement would probably be the simplest solution.

If the application require to be able to run at different speeds, the MAPC would be the ideal solution.

The virtual axis would be your master axis, and the conveyor would be your slave axis. 

You could create a indexing profile in the motion analyzer which move the slave axis 1 unit per 1 master unit. Then when executing your MAPC you can pick a suitable master distance, and set your slave scaling to the distance detected by your sensor.

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