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Communication problem CJ1G CPU42H to multiple PT's

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Hey guys,

I am having and issue trying to connect a NS Hmi to the current setup that I have installed. My processor is as CJ1G CPU42H. It used to communicate with 2- NT31 via Nt-AL001 module. I had one NT Hmi that faulted and I am trying to replace it with a NS10 model. I am aware that the ports on the NS are RS232's. I installed a NS-AL002 in port A and assigned the appropriate dipswitch settings. 1-ON 2-3-OFF (4wire) 4-On terminating resistance since it's the last HMI in the loop.

HMI Project comm Settings are

NT Link (1:N) Comm speed (I tried both High and standard) Unit# 1 (tried to change that as well with no luck)

On the first HMI (NT) I get Comm port B Receive error when I turn on  HMI#2 (NS). Every time I tried a different setting I made sure to restart the PT.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you.



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