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Hi all,

I need to make a traffic lights,
Each light (red/orange/green) have a corrsopondent button.

Is there a way to use one function to control the lights?
Is  there a way that the function knows wich button is pushed.



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This exercise is not complicated. Regardless of the CitectSCADA version, the execution is the same.

The only thing that could be difficult is if you are not connected to a PLC.

CitectSCADA comes with standard symbols, one of which is "Lights".

The "buttons" objects is also self explanatory, and straight-forward to configure.

You might like to provide more detail about your situation, eg, How familiar are you with CitectSCADA? Do you know how to create a page in "Graphic Builder" and add objects? Can you compile and run project?

Regards, Paul.

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Hi Paul,

Thanls for you replay

I know to make pages and i understand the genies.
The system is setup complete, no worry's about that.

I make myself some nice buttons and lights to.

The only thing is, that i struggle with the cicode.
I have maneged to make a function so i can call this function, with the push of the button.
For now, i can do this only for one light. (getRedLight() )
There must be a way to avoid that i must make three fun

For instance:
In Python i can give arguments to a function.

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Hi xsienix,

I'm not sure what you are ultimately trying to achieve?

The action of turning the traffic light ON/OFF can be setup without the use of Cicode.

You can create a Button that toggles a bit. That bit is then used to change the symbol state (eg the "On" symbol is shown, and then the "Off" symbol is shown, depending on the bit state).

It's been a while since I last used CitectSCADA, but there is a "Toggle(bit)" command that can be directly tied to a pushbutton action.

If you are determined to use Cicode, then the cicode function can directly access normal tags without having to pass them as arguments.


Hope that helps.

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To use 1 function to control the lights, you would definately need to use arguments for the function.

Here is an example

Create in the Tag local variables 3 Digital tags. eg. button1, button2 & button3
You create a symbol set and select Array. Then select the lamp icons to suit.
eg. 0 = Black lamp (indicating off), 1=Red lamp, 2=Orange lamp, 3 =Green lamp.
In the Array Expression, enter your cicode function name. eg. ShowLights(button1, button2, button3)

Create the cicode function in a cicode file

//    Dependin on which button was pressed, returns a integer value of:
//                0 = All off
//                1 = Red
//                2 = Orange
//                3 = Green

FUNCTION ShowLights(INT butt1, INT butt2, INT butt3)
    INT iret;
    iret = 0;
    IF butt1 = 1 AND butt2 = 0 AND butt3 = 0 THEN
        iret = 1;
    IF butt1 = 0 AND butt2 = 1 AND butt3 = 0 THEN
        iret = 2;
    IF butt1 = 0 AND butt2 = 0 AND butt3 = 1 THEN
        iret = 3;
    RETURN iret;

Depending on which button is pressed, the correct light will illuminate.



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