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How to use task control? I don’t know if it’s the right tool to solve my problem, so I’ll explain maybe there’s another tool,
I made an update to the program adding alarms to a program, using function blocks, after the download I realized that the machine was slow, I realized that the cycle time increased,
how to prioritize scan in my sections, and when possible check this alarm section?

Any suggestion?


I appreciate the attention.

Lucas Abreu.

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Set the Task Properties as a Cyclic task but with Operation start unchecked.

Then only call the task from your main program with a oneshot [rising edge bit] to trigger a TKON instruction.

At the very last rung of the called task place use LD CF113 [always on] followed by a TKOF.

Task will only run once when called from main program.

Picture shows Cyclic Task 01 with Operation Start unchecked.


Task Properties.jpg

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