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Hi so i am learning to work with mitsubishi GX Works2 i am using the simulator, and the help anyway i was testing with strings and when i convert a unsigned word or dword to string it converts it as HEX values and also fill the whole thing with 0's can anyone help me or point me in the right direction with a manual, i do know my way around on AB and siemens but its harder to find help for mitsubishi, on the help for WORD_TO_STR, it says it should be converting to decimal but it isnt, is this a weird bug with the simulator?



String issue.png

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No the simulator is correct. The function you are using converts a Hex number into a String.
The result is between ' this means you are looking at a string value.

In short you are changing H000001C8 to String '00000iC8'

Just put a DBCD in between and the value will be correct

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