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Anyone know how I can create a log of results from a Cognex vision system?  I have 3 cameras that look at various thinks... clip presence, clip height, clip angle.  There are 2 clips per part and 6 parts per tool.  This makes it hard to zero in on what I areas I need to tweak.


P.S. I've heard that maybe their OPC Server could do this but I don't have much experience with it (actually I don't have a whole lot of vision experience at all).  From what I've briefly read, I just install the server, set up the tag within the server, start it, and I can just drag and drop the tags into an Excell cell?  If this is true, this just gives me another way to read the values.  How can I create a database or log of these tags?

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I am running several Cognex Insight Systems to measure part parameters and we use the data export tool to send the measured values back to the triggering PLC.  In our case we have both Rockwell and Modicon PLC.  WARNING - DANGER WILL ROBINSON - MODICON MODBUS IS A NIGHTMARE WITH COGNEX - DANGER WILL ROBINSON - WARNING.   We then use our SCADA and Historian Systems to log the data and pump it out into charts for viewing and files for analysis.  

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