Where are my Menus in Simulator Window?

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Hi There

I've been running CX Designer and programmer in Simulation together with no issues for a few weeks now, but just today something strange happened. 

The Menus at the the top of the simulation screen (where the yellow highlight is shown) have just disappeared. The buttons to close, maximize and minimize the window have gone too. I can't even move the thing!

I can't make anything work properly and have no idea what I did.

Can anybody help me out?

I even tried to uninstall CX1 but I get lots of error messages when I do that. It seems to have lost some info somewhere along the way (which is going to be my next issue I presume), and when I did a restore the menus did come back but in Japanese!

Any help greatly appreciated

EDIT:- I got very frustrated and just clicked the hell out of the screen and that fixed it, so if anybody else is having the same trouble try that!


Screen Image.PNG

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Maybe a recent update issue. Mine looks like yours. I'm using CX Designer Version 3.730.

Yes, it seems a double click brings it back permanently. Strange.

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