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I have 2 control systems. I want to connect to DCS with Modbus TCP ( as Slave )

first system is CP1H, with MODTC61 i can connect to DCS?

second system is CS1D, which module can i use for modbus tcp slave? I have CS1D-ETN21D for connect to HMI, can i use this module for modbus tcp or I must use another module?

which module is used for CS1D modbus TCP?

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Not that I was testing this, but I think you can use ETN21 module or even the built-in ethernet port (in CJ) for Modbus-TCP, only thing you should use is Modbus-TCP function block (there are several, modbus server, client e.g. MTCP_ETN_Server.cxf). I think you can find those on Omron France, they are written by this guy who made an excellent Multiway software.

Not sure if CS1D supports function blocks though, older ones surely don't support it.


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