Time synchronization of L71 via 1756-TIME

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Hello Everyone,

I am new at this forum, seeking help from you guys and gals.


I have a Controllogix 1756-L71 5570 controller installed with 1756-TIME module. The function of time module is to take time from GPS clock module in NTP format

and send it to controller in PTP format. All the status LED's on Time module are OK. Also sync LED is Green. Still the time of controller is not synchronized with GPS clock there is a difference of 45 mins.

Fellows please help. I'll be helpful.

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Dear Nevergoldmel,

Thanks for your efforts but the link you've shared does not answer my query. in my case TIME module is being used as PTP source and its source is GPS clock which is providing time in NTP. I've reset the TIME module then time was synchronized for few hours, again there is a lag of 40 mins.

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That routine should sync the time with the NTP in the GPS device.
After that you should be able to use the Time Sync with the L71 as a Time Master for additional AB units.
Not having any  Controllogix  on hand I am not able to test this right this minute.

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