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I wish to print from a Panelview Plus 7 1500 to a Konica Minolta 'bizhub' 4402P. The printer is not on the same network as the machine but is reachable through a router to the corporate network. I already have this working on one machine but don't know how we succeeded in setting it up. The setup that works is:

  • Manufacturer: Hewlett-Packard (it's actually a Konica Minolta 4402P).
  • Model: Color LaserJet 3800.
  • Port  10.xx.xx.xx (the WAN address of the printer).
  • Driver: wt5hpspd.dll (v52.1070)

We never had a Color LaserJet 3800 but we may have had a black and white HP laser printer that worked with this driver and now works with the Konica when our IT department replaced it.

When using Add Printer the system tries to connect with the specified IP address and fails (even though we can ping it) and then the drive installation stops. Does anyone know a way to force the installation so I can try to replicate the working setup?


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Do you have the Gateway Address set to the router's address?

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My suggestion is as follows:

1. Take a laptop you know has drivers for the KM printer and connect it with the copper the PVP was using on the same IP the PVP was using and confirm you can print.  THis rules out router and firewall issues on the IT/Network side of things.

2. CHeck your IP setup as IO_Rack suggested and make sure the MS Print Share ports {445,etc} are open on the PVPLus.

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