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String Value convert to date format

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i have a third party OPC server transmitting data to 1756-L73-A17 to controller derived tags that i have created in the PLC. all of these tags are working great and retriveving the raw data from the OPC. i have one tag Titled CNA_Last_Measurement_Date_Time, this raw data transmits in the form as the raw data of 43865.7090393519, but i need it to be displayed as 02/10/2020 07:05:39. i have researched all over to find a way to do this either in the PLC or on the HMI and have not found a way to convert the Datevalue numer to a date time format. 

this tag changes/updates based on the last CNA measurement that was taken.

does any one have a way to accomplish this via the PLC or The HMI?


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I'm assuming this is a real value and is a time format starting from 1900  excel uses this same thing put that number in excel reformat to time with date and you get your number 

so start doing a little math  43865.7090393519

43865 days from 1900

.7090393519 of the current day so 24*.7090393519=17.0169444456‬ so then 17 hours into the day then keep going with now the decimal left is what part of the hour is left 

when your done you should get 

2/4/20 5:01 PM

Dont forget about leap years this could get interesting 

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well, you need to know what exact calendar is used.... Gregorian, Julian or something else.


day=value MOD 365.25 // account for leap year 
year = 1900 + (value-day)*365.25 // returns 2020


if day>31 then // exceeds January?
  month - month+1
  day = day = 31)


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