Studio 5000 compatibility with Compact L32E

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I  am mostly new to the Studio 5000, more familiar with 500 stuff. 

I have licensed mini 5000 ver30 I believe and I want to work with a Compact L32E, when I try to upload it says install version 18 which is Logix 5000 I assume.  Is version available to me to download and use being I own Studio, and if so do I need to uninstall Studio first, run it on a virtual machine or what ?

 Is ver18 the firmware, if so is it upgradeable to ver21 which is past the ver20 break point between Logix and Studio so that I could use studio ?

What are my options here ?

I understand that as things progress that as a manufacturer you might not be able to have backwards compatibility at some point. but there has got to be another way.


Thx for any help


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With your Studio 5000 license, you have access too all previous versions of Studio 5000 and RsLogix 5000.  You just need to go to the download center and get it.  See the video in this link, I show you how to do it.

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Each PLC firmware version requires the same version of Studio 5000/RSLogix 5000. You can upgrade also the PLC firmware, but there is usually a version limit.

What you will end up doing is install every version of Studio/Logix you need depending on the PLC firmware version available.

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