Omron CP1E Clock adjustment

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I'm working on a project with
Omron CP1E-N30DR-A Plc (And yes it does have the timeclock)
And Omron NB7W-TW00B HMI
I'm trying to use the Clock adjustment DATE(735) feature in the Plc program. In conjunction with the HMI to correct the time. Only focused on the Plc program for now. And presume I can accomplish the HMI portion once Plc program is working.

Been fumbling with the Instruction manual descriptions several days and seems I'm not getting anywhere.
Is there a possibilty to find an example program for this feature somewhere online?
Or could someone possibly create an example program?

I realize I might have missed some key information things in this topic. But lets see if I get any response at all.

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I have not tried this but about to in the next few weeks. May be of help. Otherwise it will be hard code I think to write to the AR words. https://www.support-omron.fr/details/programme_exemple.php?id=2017-03-09%20-%2016-56-43%20-%20605494181

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