How to connect and simulate with MELSEC FX5U and hmi panel GOT2000 GT2104-pmbd

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I'm learning how to use mitsubishi MELSEC fx5u-32mr-es and an hmi panel mitsubishi electric got2000 model GT2104-PMBD. I have no trouble programming the PLC and also I managed to display a layout on the hmi but I ran into trouble with:

How to connect the PLC and hmi directly via ethernet. I tried to connect them but the hmi says there is a comm error. 

How to run a simulation using gt simulator. I made a program in gx works 3 and a design in gt designer 3, started to simulate but it says that the PLC type of the project is different from setting gt simulator 3. I checked the gt designer there I selected the PLC model FX, which as the only logical choice and in gx works I use the correct PLC/CPU (fx5u) so I'm kinda in a blind spot. 

I hope someone out there can help me troubleshoot this problem since i need it in order to compete on a national level. 

Best Regards. 

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For network problem you need to check PLC ethernet and GT Designer ethernet setting that need to match.


If you need to simulate GX Works 3 from your program to GT Designer 3 you have 2 options.

1. Open simulation on GX Works 3 first then simulate on GT Designer.

2. setup project on GT Simulator to select PLC files that you need to simulate.

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