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Hello everybody

I have strange effects when connection MODBUS TCP IO-Boxses from my FX5U-80xx. So I thought about looking for network issues fixed in the firmware.

So, the website below has firmware 1.201 and I have 1.110 currently. Does anybody know where to look for the revision history of these Firmware fixes?

The Japanese have some more info here:


"New functions added in firmware version 1.201 (2019/11)
For details on the additional functions, refer to "Addition and modification of functions" in the related manual "MELSEC iQ-F FX5 User's Manual (Application)".
The CPU unit serial number can be used from "17X ****" or later."

I was not able to download these manuals (Japanese login screen). So I googled it and found it. But I was not able to find it in this document. 

If someone knows more. Would be nice. 

Thank you



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Thanks for your reply! Yes, there is some information. Mostly about added functions/modules. They have no bugs in the firmware! Clever Japanese engineers.... 
OK, I would also not publicly admit it ...;-)

I tried to connect to MODBUS TCP IO boxes (25 stations). I was astonished to see, that it takes seconds (!) to check/write the IO states of all of them! Welcome in 2020!
Yes, seconds I tell you...honestly, not milliseconds! After looking in the mirror I saw the person who bought this technology.....

Then I found a reconnect delay in the Mitsubishi library. I could lower it from 800ms (if I recall correctly) to 150ms with a more or less reliable connection. This improved things a little bit. Still very sluggish.

Smart me thought: Well, let the PLC use two of its eight ethernet connections simultaneously! So I made:
Group1: 12 boxes on ethernet channel 4 
Group2: 13 boxes on ethernet channel 5 

Now, after all code in place, it connects for a while happily on channel 4 (Group 1) while channel 5 is in "connection opening" state. Then suddenly, an electron moves, and it starts working for a while on channel 2 (Group 2) while connection 4 is waiting in "connection opening" state. I found no pattern, unfortunately. And a lot of hair pulling didn't helped either......

It should be possible to connect on two connections simultaneously, not?


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Are you using the pre-defined protocol function or the FB ?


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I have library from Mitsubishi which uses inside "EthernetComm"  Function block and inside this, it uses SP_SOCOPEN  and SP_SOCCLOSE functions

Oh, I'll check the states of the SP_SOCxxx functions in their data structure they use...I have now a 12hours workday behind me...my family already called me. 

I look into it at best on Sunday. Thanks so far for your help.

Version 1.00 - Function block that offers Modbus TCP/IP Client functionality on a FX5-series 
PLC system  with a built-in Ethernet port.
Created in GX Works3 - 24 May 2016
Function block supports the following CPU-types: FX5-series.


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There are standard FB inside GX works 3 for modbus you can use.
The SP open and close instruction just open and close the ports.
But i guess the protocol is converted in the FB itself.
So multiple connections should not be a problem. 




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Hey I take my insults against japanese engineers back. I apologise.I There is a link with a bugfix list at:


List of additional features:
ファームウェアバージョン1.201 で追加した新規機能(2019/11)

List of bugfixes:
ファームウェアバージョン1.200 → 1.201 への改善履歴(2019/11)

Since my Japanese is non-existant, I could read it with the help of a friend.

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