Analog Input Module not talking.

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In one of my remote I/O stations, I have a 12BIT, 8 Channel analog input module (IC200ALG260) that is not talking to the Rx3i processor. 

This issue came up after I have disconnected the analog output module that comes after this particular analog input module (plug side by side) and did a reconfiguration (This was done to successfully resolve an issue that came up, as there was no field analog output devices connected to this particular remote I/O station).

Am just wondering if an Analog Input Module in a remote I/O station really requires an analog output module to be connected with it to function well. 


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There is no requirement that analog input modules and analog output modules be installed in pairs. Did you download the new configuration to the NIU? Did you get an indication in the feedback zone that the download was successful? How are you communicating with the remote I/O? If you are using EGD, did you modify the appropriate produced and consumed EGD exchanges?

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Thanks Steve Bailey,

I did successfully downloaded the new configuration to the NIU. Validation showed nil errors in the feedback zone. Below is the layout of the current set up. Module encircled RED below is the one giving me the problem. YELLOW circle is where Rx3i Processor is.



0005047-D-003-Network Layout.pdf


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