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Hi all, i'm creating a ComboBox using Visual Basics on Factory Talk View SE. My issue comes when i tried to add items to the ComboBox. But this items must be values from a P - Parameters List.

How can i do this? I have a little code created but doesn't work. Anyone can help me?

Thanks in Advanced

PD: Here is my actual code.

Private Sub Display_AnimationStart()

Dim List As StringList
Dim Msg1 As String

    Set List = Me.TagParameters
    Msj1 = Lista.Item(1)
    ComboBox1.AddItem (Msj1,1)

End Sub

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Missed a number in the example Code

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Not super fluent in what you're trying to do, but does calling it List most every where and then calling it Lista when you assign it to msj1 not cause an issue?

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