Mitsubishi FX 3gE & OPC?

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Hi all. I am trying to connect up a Mitsubishi FX 3GE and Siemens s7-100 using OPC. I have been told my siemens that the FX series of Mitsubishi cannot talk over OPC, has anyone ever managed it? I find it hard to believe a fairly recent PLC cannot use OPC. Cheers!

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You have the wrong idea over OPC.
OPC servers (usually a PC) have the driver for the different PLC types. Sot here will be many that support the FX series and the S7.
This data is then available for OPC Clients (like SCADA). 

Depending on the the client you could then exchange Data between them.

Having said that OPC UA is a new standard of OPC which is also available on the PLC hardware level but found in the larger system. For Mitsubishi that would be the iQ-R.
But for most systems that is only server and mot client.

Also be aware that OPC is not a deterministic network!!!

If you still would like to connect these two PLC via OPC you could use something like IBH

Which supports not OPC Server as Client and has drivers for Siemens and Mitsubishi. Problem is that your FX3 series is not supported.
You would have to upgrade it to an FX5 series.

Alternatively you could use another network or even easier is to put an HMI Like a Mitsubishi GOT on top which can communicate with both PLC Types and also has the ability to setup exchange of Data between them.


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