How to replace an Ethernet ip communication module( 1756 en2t)

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Hi all. How to replace an Ethernet ip communications module(1756 en2t) with a new one if the old one stops working. What should be done to configure the new module in rx logix? Should I set the IP address? Or is it plug and play? Thanks in advance.

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Set the Network Address
The module ships with the rotary switches set to 999 and BOOTP enabled. You
can set the network Internet Protocol (IP) address three ways.
• Use the rotary switches on the top of the module.
• Use a BOOTP server or Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
(DHCP) server, such as Rockwell Automation BOOTP/DHCP.
• Use the Rockwell Automation RSLinx or RSLogix 5000 software.

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As mentioned there are rotary switches on the module, but keep in mind that they limit the setup to a single subnet.  If the module you replace has something other than 999 selected on those switches then all you have to do is copy that.  If 999 is selected then you will need to go with the more difficult but flexible routes that follow.  Part of your determination of the path to reconfigure such a replacement will be what access you have to your processor on your rack.  If the En2t is the only interface to communicate with your rack, then you will need to configure it via Bootp.  The Bootp program is fairly simple and a good way to go; however,  I have had problems with it in the past so I will give a few alternatives.  You will need to know the MAC address of your new card as that is what you will see pop up in the Bootp program to associate an IP address with.  Keep in mind that if you set your IP address via Bootp, you will need to disable the bootp and dhcp afterwards or the module will drop your address the next time it is powered down.  There is a handy button to click on in the bootp program to disable both of these options once you setup your module.  Unfortunately that button only seems to work for me about 10% of the time so I have to setup the ip address and then go online with the processor and disable these options in the module properties, or right click on the module in RSLinx and configure these options there.  Alternatively to Bootp, if you have a DHCP server you can also connect the module to the network and let the server assign it an address.  The address assigned will be shown on the module display.  You can then go online using that address or use RSLinx to reconfigure the module as necessary.  Additionally there is the option of getting online via a serial port or other comm path then you can use that to modify your module settings. 

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