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Dear Sir,

In order to help people to learn Structured Text programming I have written and public the book "PLC Controls with Structured Text (ST): IEC 61131-3 and best practice ST programming”

The book can be used for all PLC brands, including CODESYS, Delta PLC, Beckhoff and Siemens


Get the book in English, Spanish, Arabic or Danish versions

Used for higher educations in Denmark

More than 1000 sold world wide!

The book provides systematically by describing the basic programming, including tips/advices and 25-years practical experiences from the author.



- Background, advantage and challenge when ST programming

- Syntax and fundamental ST programming

- Widespread guide to reasonable naming of variables


- Guide to split-up into program modules and functions

- More than 90 PLC code examples

- FIFO, RND, 3D ARRAY and digital filter

- Examples: From LADDER to ST programming

- Guide to solve programming exercises



ISBN: 978-87-4300-241-3 (Paper Back, English Edition)

ISBN: 978-87-4300-242-0 (Paper Back, black/white, English budget Edition)

ISBN: 978-87-4300-636-7 (eBook, English Second Edition)

ISBN: 978-87-4300-637-4 (eBook, English First Edition)

ISBN: 978-87-4300-843-9 (Paper Back, Arabic Edition)

ISBN: 978-87-4300-957-3 (Paperback, Monochrome Arabic Edition)

ISBN: 978-87-4300-909-2 (Paper Back, Spanish Edition)

ISBN: 978-87-4300-995-5 (Paper Back, black/white Spanish Edition)

ISBN: 978-87-4309-932-1 (eBook, Spanish Edition)

ISBN: 978-87-4300-097-6 (Paper Back, Danish Edition)

ISBN: 978-87-4300-895-8 (O-Wire, Danish Edition)

ISBN: 978-87-4300-517-9 (eBook, Danish Edition)

 (Google the ISBN number to find bookshop near you)



Daniel Berggren, Application & Support Manager, Lenze Nordic (Finland)

“Truly a good one. We at Lenze use ST as main language and have invested in this book. We use it for both internal use as well as selected customers”


Students at AP Graduate in Automation Engineering (Denmark)

"What could we have done without your book?"


Review: Edison yu, Work as an automation engineer (China)

“Thank you for the great book, that will have people to write more powerful and useful PLC program. #PLCProgram,#LearningPLC”


Torben Kjaer, Managing director, Alsinger Integration (Australia)

“Have been using the book for referencing on a number of occasions, great asset to have in your tool bag. Thank you Tom for creating this book, great benefit to the general industry”

Peter Paul Dallmann, Automation system and industrial support (Denmark)

“I have got your book and have to say that it is the first one that comes close to the point. For our in house training your book will become a “must read”.”


Pedro Jose Barretto, Bachelor Degree in Instrumentation Engineering (India)

“I have purchased this book and am using it to train myself in PLC applications requirements having ST programming. A High recommend to Engineers involved with PLC controls, design and Applications using ST programming.”


Jakob Sagatowski, Software Engineer at European Southern Observatory (Germany)

I just wanted to say that you are doing a great job with your education material for the field of automation. I've recommended your PLC-book for two friends that want to switch industry and start within the world of automation


Carsten Damkjær Jensen, Lecturer, University College Lillebælt (Denmark)

“We use the book on training module (OB1) in Automation & Operation. Nice book about structured text programming for beginners/mid level”

ST UK TOC-page-001.jpg

ST UK TOC-page-002.jpg

ST UK TOC-page-003.jpg


Picture of all 8 books.jpg

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You are doing a really great job of helping people to learn programming skills and other technological terms. Students search for that and now you are making it easy for them to learn what they need to learn the most due to the future of IT and programming.

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