Line Guide Sensor with BRX Analog Input

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Hi new to the forum, and first post, however, I have found an abundance of great information here, so I was hoping someone might able to help me with an issue.



I am trying to read an analog output from a sensor that is capable of essentially outputting a mA signal proportional to where a printed line, or contrasting edge is at in its field of view. It is used for web guiding applications to make sure the web is tracking straight, so you can identify if the line or edge is moving to one direction or the other, and correct the web with an articulating web guide.

I have attached the diagram for the sensor, but I cannot for the life of me figure out 2 things

1) The power supply to the sensor is listed as follows

Supply current - From fife control +/- 12vdc

50ma (+)12vdc  AND   - 40ma (- )12vdc

how do you provide both (+) and( -) 12VDC for the supply power to a sensor- 2 power supplies with the the opposite polarities grounded on each?


2) The outputs are listed as "Sum" and "Differential" so apparently there are two outputs, i dont know if anyone has come across these terms relative to sensors before, but I am trying to sort these out. According to the OEM 

Sensor Output Range


-20 mA to +20 mA for line guiding



-20 mA to +10 mA for edge Guiding


I have attached the pin out diagram as well as the sensor spec sheet, but I am curious to see if anyone might have insight as to how I would get an analog input reading from this configuration?

Thank you in advance for any help!




SE-26B Product Sheet.pdf

Principle of Operation.PNG

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According to the installation manual, this unit is connected to a controller that provides the +/- voltage supply.

You need to look at the controller manual to see what kind of input or output it provides.




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