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I'm developing NS5 HMI visualization.

The display is using TCP/IP comunication.  (IP: communicating with PLC (IP: - my PC)

I would like to start PLC (CJ2M) simulator on my PC (IP: so that HMI would comunicate with my PS (PLC Slave simulator)

Does the simulator exists?


BR, Andrej.

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On 07.11.2019 at 16:01, AndrejP said:


NS5 HMI görselleştirmesini geliştiriyorum.

Ekran TCP / IP iletişimini kullanıyor. (IP: PLC ile iletişim kurma (IP: - bilgisayarım)

Bilgisayarımda PLC (CJ2M) simülatörünü başlatmak istiyorum (IP:, böylece HMI PS ile iletişim kurabilecekti (PLC Slave simülatörü)

Simülatör var mı?


BR, Andrej.

sanırım yok

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CX Programmer can simulate NS Series HMI's  and CJ2M PLC's by clicking on the PT-PLC button.

From the currently opened PLC program you point to the NS program *IPP and open it. Both Applications should now be available in simulation mode.

5de6cda087b72_PTPLCSimulation.JPG.0764abIn the past I have only used this for Serial communications, but in CX Simulator it would appear that Ethernet Comms is also available.

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