CIF41 Connection Problem

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Hi Dears

I have one CP1H with CIF41 in its option port1.

Firstly I connected to CIF41 ( ON DIP Switch 4,5) and I could download to CPU with ethernet FINS and I connected my HMI to this network and every thins be OK.

after one week I power ON the panel and now CIF41 not working. every setting is ok (DIP switches and other settings).

now when I connected to CIF41 no LED is on and my laptop network dont recognize the CIF41.

can you help me?

what is the problem?


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Ethernet CIF41 doesnt work at all.

i can not ping its default ip.

when connect it to hub, led of hub is off.

when i download with ethernet FINS it fail and say that the port dies not exit

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