S7-1200 Device to AC500 Controller Profinet Network

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Hi, to start, I'm very new to Siemens PLCs, but quite experienced on others (mainly ABB). I'm looking to set up a profinet network between an ABB AC500 PLC and an S7-1200. The goal is to transfer variables from an existing S7-1200 (owned by the customer) to my new AC500. It is required that I do this without having to stop the S7-1200.

I can set up the AC500 as a profinet device, and have the S7-1200 remain as the controller, but this requires a config change on the S7-1200, which means I'd have to stop the PLC. I tried setting up the ABB as a profinet controller, but I'm having trouble finding a GSDML for the S7-1200 to allow me to do this. 

Can anyone advise me on the best route to take to solve this problem? Thanks in advance.

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I believe the I-Device (Profinet device) functionality of the S7-1200 is only available with firmware version V4.0 and higher.

You would need to STOP the CPU, because the S7-1200 requires a hardware configuration change whether you use it as an IO-Controller, or IO-Device.

Go into the S7-1200 CPU Ethernet port properties and select the checkbox "IO Device", and add input/output transfer areas as needed.S7-1200-I-Device1.png

Then right-click on your PLC and compile  hardware and software (only changes). You'll need to download to the CPU, which will stop it - there's no way around this.

Then you'll see below the "Transfer Areas" a button to export the GSDML file.S7-1200-I-Device2.png

Import this file into your ABB Profinet configuration.

Another way is to buy a PN/PN Coupler, which allows 2 masters to exchange data.  However, both methods will require the S7-1200 PLC to stop.


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