Ethernet/IP Connection with Keyence IV-G series

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Hi there, 

I am considerably new with setting up E/IP on OMRON's NX1P2 PLC. I have been trying to connect a Keyence IV-G to my PLC with E/IP connection (because there's no analog I/O available) and struggling with getting a connection going between PLC and camera.

I connect these two through an unmanaged network switch, which I believe doesn't need any further configuration.

I have set tags on Built-in E/IP inside SYSMAC Studio, and when I monitor them it says "normally resolved". Unfortunately, it still has red dot which means connection is cannot be established. The error I'm getting is "Tag data link connection timeout".

Maybe built-in E/Ip just doesnt work for this case?

I have yet to try getting connected with Network Configurator, but have the feeling that it will just accomplish the same thing that I did with Built-in E/IP inside Sysmac Studio.

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You are correct, you should be able to setup the connection with Sysmac Studio. I don't have a working example with the IV-G series but we can go over some basic checks.

1) Did you install the EDS file from Keyence's website into Sysmac Studio's EDS Library?

2) Are your Global Variables Network Publish for Input and Output?

Again, I don't have a working example but this is what I would do to start with:


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