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PME Function block

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Hello Colleagues. I have to develop some PLC program for GE Rx3i. I'm a little bit confused with PME function block. As i understand parametrized block in PME it's Function at Siemens, Mitsubishi and others PLC's brands and it cannot use data memory inside. Classic FB in PME has 4 type for inputs Reference, Constant Reference, Value, Value Result. When i need use this types of input? As i understand analogy between PME and for example step7 or gx works:


- "Value" - input variable


- "Reference" - Input/output variable


But i don't understand how use "constant reference" and "value result". Explanation of it in has help, but don't provided any examples.


PME doesn’t provide any PLC simulators and i don't have real PLC, so can't test it in work.


Second question about UDT variables. I created UDT type for example for sensor, then created variable based on this UDT, but i can't set reference address for this variable. how put this variable to Scada or HMI without addresses?





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