How to scroll faults in ML1400 and PV800?

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Hello Friends

I have a ML1400 program with 10 message faults aprox. and a PV800 program  with a Multistate Indicator showing the faults.

When exists only 1 fault, the HMi is showing correctly 1 fault, the problem is when I have 2 o more faults, in the PLC program, 2 o 3 faults are activated, but in HMI just the last fault is showed.

How can I scroll the faults to show the 2 or 3 faults activated?

Thanks in advance.


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You should consider to use the alarms feature in the hmi. Alarms does exactly what you want to do. Multistate indicator are not design to show alarms. This is relatively simple to use, clic on alarms in factory talk (left tree). Then select tag who contain your error message. To keep it simple, you should assign on bit per alarms. Next, on message tab you enter the text you want to display while the bit is set. Once done, you have to create a page to display alarms or use the default [alarms] screen. 

this is the global idea, just ask if you need more detail.


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