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FBD in ISaGRAF (6.4)

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Hi everyone,

I have wrote some not too complicated code in Ladder using ISaGRAF 6.4 which runs in one of my companies RTUS.

The customer has asked me to convert this code to FBD as this is what their engineers are used to, however i cant seem to figure out how to do (what is to me) a very basic function.

In LAD, the blocks have EN/ENO points which enable the block when the preceeding signal passes power to it.

For example, if Pump 1 is running, do this, if it is not running, dont.

In FBD in ISaGRAF, there is no EN/ENO, so all the blocks within the diagram just initiate one after the other, following the exectuoin order.

I have attached a screenshot.

In the screenshot, i want the no_of_starts to increment if the pump_run_copy signal is NOT true.

However, all that happens is it runs the NOT block, then goes straight to the Increment block, and continually increments while the program is running.

I have also attached the same software but in Ladder.


Appreciate any help!



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