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Anyone have experience with the Peak to Peak hold function on Keyence IL-1000 amplifier?  I have an IL-030 lase head running off it and I want to utilize the peak to peak hold function.
I connected the red wire from a generic 24VDC, 1A, power supply to the IL-1000 Pink/Purple (timing input wire) and the black wire from the power supply to IL-1000 Blue (0V).  
I have a 24VDC, 5A, power supply connected to IL-1000 Brown (10-30V) and IL-1000 Blue (0V) to power the IL-1000.
What I thought might work is to plug the 24VDC, 1A power supply in and out of an outlet to trigger the timing input for the P-P hold (similar to an on/off button).  But it's not doing anything.
I am not an electrical guy.  Any tips here?  Thanks,

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Brown to +24VDC

Blue to 0V (-24VDC)

Pink/Purple will be switched for your sample timing. Switch to 0V if the amplifier is NPN or switch to +24VDC if the amplifier is PNP.

Do you know witch (NPN or PNP)? If not post the complete part number of the unit.

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